The Truth About Six-Pack Abs: Benefits and Myths Unveiled

Of the David by Michelangelo to the endless fitness challenges of TikTok going through Fight cluba routine abdominal exercises that guarantees a well-defined six-pack has been something of the holy grail search for many people.

Of course, being toned doesn’t necessarily equate to Be in shape. You will have to reach around 15% body fat for those abs to start to show off, and while experts warn that being overweight can lead to a number of health problems, not having the body of a professional athlete doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy.

Farren Morganfounder of the training method The Tactical Athlete, attributes our fetishization of abs to what they represent, to a drastic commitment to fitness. According to Morgan, a visible six-pack demonstrates self-confidence, conviction, a strong work ethic, willpower, and an appetite for delayed gratification.

“As you work to have some toned abs“Those valuable attributes carry over to other aspects of your life, like your job or your relationships,” says Morgan. I wish you could put that on your resume.

So while getting a ripped abs is more a display of fitness enthusiasm than actual fitness, working your core is never a waste of time, even though the muscles remain hidden behind normal levels of energy. Abdominal fat.

These are the benefits of training the abs

“When we talk about abs, we immediately think of the belly, but there are four main muscle groups in the abdomen: the transversus abdominis, the rectus abdominis, the external oblique muscles, and the internal oblique musclesMorgan explains, adding that these muscles work with the erector spinae to surround the organs and protect them from external injury.

In addition to protecting your organs from injury (a big plus, really), working your core muscles also strengthens your core, which is vital in any daily activity, from running to sitting at a desk.

“Strong abdominal muscles they prevent injuries and lighten the load on the spine when carrying out daily activities, and they optimize your stability when carrying out movements of imbalance”, says Morgan. and the data of Harvard Health match.

In short, squatting, lifting, overhead reaching, loading, and pivoting all rely on core muscle strength, so working them benefits everyone, whether your goal is to look six-pack or simply want to perform. daily activities with greater comfort and safety.

Ending the myth of the six-pack

As we said before, have six pack abs it does not necessarily mean that you are in good physical shape. The abdominals can be a matter of genetics, a restrictive diet or that you work a lot on trunk exercises to the detriment of other areas or bodily activities.

“Before, it was believed that to improve the trunk you had to have well-defined abs, but with the passage of time and the evolution of physical form, we have seen that this is not the case,” says Morgan. “Having a defined six-pack requires effort, a caloric deficit and perseverance, which is desirable from an aesthetic and physical appearance point of view, but is not essential.”

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