The TSJ maintains a curfew in Santa Pola until September 6 | Radio Elche

The TSuperior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community has endorsed the extension of measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus infections until next September 6.

Although the list of municipalities with restrictions has dropped from 77 to 68, Santa Pola You must maintain the measures such as the curfew between one and six in the morning. In addition, the limitation to a maximum of 10 people for social and family gatherings must also continue.

Santa Pola currently has a cumulative incidence rate 558 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, so the municipality is at “maximum risk” due to the spread of the virus. Too Tabarca maintains these restrictions by belonging to Alicante that is on the TSJ list.

Although Elche It is also in a “maximum risk” situation with a cumulative incidence rate of over 300 cases, the Supreme Court has decided not to include it in the list of municipalities as it has experienced an improvement in the figures in recent days.