The Tudela Film Festival honors the actors Javier Gutiérrez and Carla Quilez

The 29th edition of the Tudela Spanish Film Festivalwhich will be held from February 20 to 24will pay tribute to the actors Javier Gutiérrez and Carla Quílez within an edition that its director, Luis Alegre, will have a special memory for the recently deceased Carlos Saura. The multifaceted filmmaker, to whom a tribute was paid in the riverside capital in 2008, was defined by Alegre as “a fundamental figure of European culture. Influential, decisive and important in our cinematography, he represents the spirit of what we do here, highlight auteur cinema, and that he had such an interesting look at culture”.

In this edition, organized as always by the Muskaria cinema club with the support of the Consistorythe most awarded films will be present, such as the beasts (winner of the Goya with 9 awards) and Model 77 (5 Goya), but also others like The Rite of Spring (1 Goya), the motherly o alcarráswhich have gone more unnoticed given the quality of the feature films that have been in 2022 “a year out of the ordinary”, for Luis Alegre. “The level of many films, which have even gone unnoticed at the Feroz, Forqué or Goya awards, means that they would have won the main awards any other year”has highlighted.

In fact, it so happens that alcarrás, which won the Golden Bear in Berlin, “a milestone in the history of Spanish cinematography”, has left the Goya empty, “it is a metaphor for the extent to which there has been a film that has had great unanimity. Yeah the beasts premiered in January Alcarrás would have swept”. In this edition, there will also be the novelty that a morning session will be screened on Friday, February 24, in which I’m going to have a good time for 300 students from the La Anunciata school and the director will attend David Serrano and the actors Rodrigo Diaz and Renata Hermida.

The exhibition will begin on Monday, February 20 with the maternall, nominated for best direction and best film, which will be accompanied by its director, Pilar Palomero, and the main actress, Carla Quílezwho will receive the organization’s tribute. “She has gone down in cinema history as the youngest to win the San Sebastián Silver Shell for this She has not been able to be a candidate for the Goya as she is under 16 years old, she has just turned 15 years old. The sample tries to reward both emerging and established”, Alegre has indicated.

On Tuesday the 21st it will be the turn for another of those films that has gone unnoticed, except for the Goya that Telmo Irureta from Zumaytarra has won for Best New Actor, Spring consecration. Your manager, Fernando Franco, will come to Tudela accompanied by the actress Emma Suárez.

On Wednesday the 22nd it will be the turn for one of the films of the year, Model 77, which has received 5 Goyas, although most of them are technical. The film will serve as a framework to pay tribute to one of the most important and prolific actors on the national scene, Javier Gutiérrez, who will arrive with the director, Alberto Rodríguez, and his producer José Antonio Félez. “We have been trying to do recognition for a long time, but it has a lot of work and it was impossible, this year we have been lucky”.

Thursday February 23 will be the big day with the arrival of the beasts. Those responsible for the film of the year, Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Isabel Peña (both scriptwriters and he is also a director) will be present in the riverside capital after having won 9 Goya awards, including the main ones for best original script, direction and film. “They are the two great figures of Spanish cinema today. A pair of director and screenwriter that had not been seen in the cinema since Berlanga and Azcona, with such brilliance and ability to offer great films and series like Anti-disturbances”. the beasts It is also nominated for the César awards for French cinema, so they must be in Paris the day after passing through Tudela.

Finally, Friday, February 24, will be used for the morning screening for schoolchildren from I’m going to have a good time and in the afternoon, that of the short Sonof martha grandsony alcarráswhich will arrive with the producer Maria Zamora Carla Simón being absent due to having to travel to Berlin. Zamora is also the producer of the first feature film by Marta Nieto who has debuted in the world of directing and who will begin shooting her first feature film in May. The objective of the morning projection is the diffusion of cinema on the big screen to try to spread it among the youngest, taking them off the platforms.

The Tudela City Council has maintained the price of tickets at 5.5 euros and that of season tickets at 22 euros. The purchase can start from February 17. The sessions will be at 5:00 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. In the last session there will be a discussion with the guests first and then the projection.