The Tunisian Federation comments on the “banana” incident in the Brazil match

The Tunisian Football Federation said in a statement posted on its official Facebook page: “We thank the Tunisian fans for their warm welcome, support and encouragement to the team, and we appreciate the absence of any violent incidents inside the stadium or its surroundings, as happened in some of the interviews that took place. In the largest stadiums and sports events in the world.

The statement added: “We are surprised that the exemplary behavior of the overwhelming majority of the Tunisian masses present, which exceeded 40,000 spectators, was not addressed. On the other hand, some deliberately offended Tunisia by asserting that the person who threw the bananas was Tunisian, in the absence of any material evidence proving the identity of the person who committed it. Tunisian and Brazilian fans, as well as fans from other countries, attended the Princes’ Garden.

He continued: “We strongly condemn any racist practice that may occur in any stadium in the world, and if it is confirmed by verifying the identity of the person who threw the bananas that he is Tunisian, we apologize on his behalf and in the name of all the Tunisians who were present in the stadium and who confirmed once again that the Tunisian fans are A real phenomenon in world football through its movement, regardless of the distances, with the national team and accompanying it on its various trips.

He stressed, “We call on everyone to deal objectively with the Tunisian masses without intimidating or undermining the positive and distinct things they do, and we also call for our fans to be dealt with like the rest of the other masses in the world without prejudice or racial discrimination against them.”

The statement concluded by saying: “We unite with everyone to resist all forms of racial and factional discrimination in all its forms throughout the world. We call on the Tunisian fans not to be drawn into the phenomenon that exists in many stadiums in the world, which is represented in the whistling of the national anthem of the competing teams, and we hope that it will be Tunisian fans are always exceptional and ideal, especially when we are approaching the World Cup.”

Incident details

  • The Tunisia-Brazil match, which was held at the Parc des Princes in the French capital, Paris, saw the crowd throw a banana at Richarlison, the “samba dancers” striker.
  • Banana and other projectiles aimed at the pitch angered the Brazilian professional with Tottenham, with Richarlison writing on his official page on Twitter: “No to racism.”
  • The Brazilian Football Confederation issued a statement on Twitter saying, “Unfortunately, a banana was thrown on the pitch at Richarlison. The Brazilian Football Confederation affirms its position against racism and rejects any biased behaviour.”