‘MasterChef’, one of the most successful TV shows or ‘talent shows’, has been ported to Bermeo. Almost one hundred people worked in the area yesterday morning, filming an episode of the next season of television, around the neighborhood Fishermen’s Guild of the municipality.

The recording work of the program has once again been carried out in complete secrecy. Indeed, after removing some faces from competing neighborhoods, the TV presenters – Pepe Rodríguez, Jordi Cruz and Samantha Vallejo-Nágera -, if they had been there, had not seen the moile around at least this morning.

Yesterday recorded in Bermeo for a gastronomic test, the guild fish sales area was adapted by the shooting team as a dining room. In front of the Fisherman’s Guild building, on the other hand, he was able to fix a kitchen corner for his competitors.

The participants of the ‘MasterChef´ had to prepare a typical local menu. The MasterChef has paid tribute to the fishermen, the grouper and the little girls, through the dishes they make.

Igaz Gaztelugatxe

Just a year ago, the team of ‘MasterChef’ was in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, recording a pre-season television program. Then, along with the red and blue team competitors, the famous chef Eneko Atxa – who has five Michelin stars – appeared among other well-known faces.

“Give tribute to the mother and the housemates; their good way of cooking, not being passed down from generation to generation, “explained the ‘MasterChef’ team. The episode that was recorded yesterday in Bermeo can be seen in the eighth season of the program.

The MasterChef program runs through the entire Spanish geography, looking for the most spectacular places and the best products. Later, according to a television producer, “Bizkaia is an important region for us, for its culinary tradition and raw materials. That’s why we go back to recording parts of the program. “

In fact, culinary talents were in the Igeldo mountain of San Sebastian, two years ago, as a child of ‘MasterChef Junior 5’. Also this year, the popular record has broken the record. 29,000 candidates were cast during the last casting call.


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