The type of product that you can donate for those affected in Alausí

The Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion (MÍES) in Quito is one of the collection centers to receive the donations collected by the Quito citizens for those affected by the great flood in Alausi, Chimborazo province. If you are thinking of making donations, we indicate what types of products are most required.

In addition to food, toilet and clothing kit, construction tools such as picks, shovels, hoes. This is because heavy machinery has not yet been able to enter the area of ​​the collapse and these tools are needed to remove debris, MIES said in an interview with the newspaper La Hora.

In addition, play material can be donated for the contingency brigades that are in charge of children, as well as the donation of toys.

However, for women you can donate diapers and sanitary napkins.

The Municipality of Quito has arranged nine collection points to help the most affected provinces due to the earthquake in Guayas, the floods and the landslide in Alausí.

You can approach the zonal administrations of Quito: Calderon, Eloy Alfaro, Eugene Espejo, Delight, Marshal, Screams, Manuela Saenz, Quitumbe, Tumbaco.

Collection hours are from 08:00 to 16:30 until Friday, March 31. So far eight tons have been collected.

Also, you can go to the MIES located on 6 de Diciembre and Wilson avenues; diagonal to the Manuela Cañizares school.

So far, 17 deaths have been confirmed after the Alausí flood, more than 500 people affected and 72 missing.