The types of accident insurance and which one may interest you

Nobody knows what can happen in the future, so it is essential to feel protected, and one of the best ways to do it is, without a doubt, by taking out accident insurance. The uncertainty of tomorrow means we can’t foresee what will happen, and although we all want our lives to be uneventful, at some point we may need to be covered. This applies to both us and our families, so it is important that you know what accident insurance is, what types there are and which one may interest you the most, depending on your personal situation and your way of life.

What is accident insurance?

As a general rule, there are two types of insurance: damage and personal. Accident insurance belongs to the personal, since they are in charge of covering with capital situations generated by an accident, such as partial or total disability, travel assistance and, in the worst case, death. For this reason, insurers have policies that cover different cases in the event of an incident, and are usually classified into the three types that we will see below.

What types of accident insurance are there?

Knowing that accident insurance is personal insurance, it should be noted that there are three types: basic coverage, personal accident coverage for individuals and accident insurance for families. Each of them is designed to cover some assumptions, as we say, depending on the personal situation of the contracting party.

For example, the basic coverage, as its name indicates, covers from partial or total disability to death. Depending on the insurers, some of these basic insurances may include more or less coverage in the policy, such as travel assistance.

Regarding the type of personal accident insurance for individuals, this is focused for companies and freelancers, since it is intended to cover groups of people. A) Yes, accident insurance for families It covers the needs of capital, funeral or hospital services to the descendants or the family of the injured person, for which reason it is designed to protect the family, as its name indicates, of the contracting party. However, the coverage will vary depending on the policy and the insurer.

What accident insurance should I take out?

When taking out accident insurance, you have to think about the personal situation of each one. Thus, if you live alone or do not have children, accident insurance that covers the basics may be sufficient. In addition, you can always choose to include other coverage in the policy, depending on the insurer.

If you have a business with employees or are self-employed, you should take a look at personal accident insurance for individuals, since it is the one indicated to insure both those who work with you and you.

Finally, if you have family or children, the one you should hire will be the family one, since their needs will be covered in case an accident happens to you or there is an accident and, in this way, not only you protect yourself, but also those who more you want