The Types of Medical Malpractice That Occur

Nobody expects for a medical professional to make a mistake when they require healthcare, but this can happen. Healthcare professionals are trusted with people’s lives and wellbeing and have a duty of care that they must abide by, but sometimes they will make mistakes or neglect this duty of care and this is known as medical negligence. So, what are the most common types of medical negligence?

Surgical Negligence

Surgical negligence involves any kind of mistake or error when it comes to a surgical procedure or postoperative care. There are many different examples of surgical negligence, including puncturing an organ, operating on the wrong body part or poor hygiene that leads to an infection.


Everyone expects their doctor to make a correct diagnosis when they visit with an ailment, but this will not always happen. Misdiagnosis can involve making the wrong diagnosis or failing to diagnose a condition. This can have severe implications as the patient might have a health condition that gets much worse and/or they might be prescribed a treatment that they do not need.

Pregnancy or Birth Injuries

This type of medical negligence is self-explanatory and can involve mistakes that lead to harm or even the death of the mother and/or baby. Of course, sometimes injuries and death occur through natural causes, but there are times where this could have been avoided. Prenatal negligence can include failing to diagnose a medical condition that the mother has or failing to spot a birth defect while childbirth hospital negligence could include failing to anticipate issues due to the size of the baby or the improper use of forceps.

Medication Errors

Another common type of medical negligence involves mistakes relating to medication. This could involve prescribing a medication that the patient is allergic to, prescribing the wrong dosage or a medication that could be dangerous when mixed with another medication that the patient is taking. These can have very serious consequences, which is why it is so important that doctors take care when prescribing and know the patient’s full medical history.

These are the main types of medical negligence that can occur. It is worth noting that medical negligence is rare and more often than not a healthcare professional will be trustworthy and abide by their duty of care, but mistakes and negligence can occur in healthcare and in these situations people can seek compensation that will help to cover the damages.