The UAE has outperformed advanced countries in the adoption of digitization


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has outperformed countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada in the government adoption of digitization, the IMF said.
This came in the context of a report recently published by the International Monetary Fund entitled «Digital Betting: the new technology turning digital policy». The report cited the latest information available from the most recent indicator of the adoption of digitization governments, issued by the World Bank in 2017. The UAE has a high credit on this index, surpassing all Arab countries.
77%, while the UK and Canada recorded 73% and 69%, respectively. The index analyzed all the sectors covered by digitization in the UAE in 2016. The government index reached 87%, and the index of the provision of public services over the Internet 88%, while the index of basic administrative systems 0.73%.
In terms of the population index and the perception of digitization services, the country registered 94%, while its balance on the index of the population of the UAE to the Internet 87%, and its balance on the index of the use of the population of mobile devices 99%. Finally, the coverage of the UAE with 3G services was 99%.


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