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The UBA was positioned as the best Iberian university …

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One more time, the University of Buenos Aires established itself as the best Ibero-American university climbing several positions until reaching the 69th position worldwide, which makes it the best Spanish-speaking university in the world. As it has been happening for seven years, the house of studies showed growth in the evaluated indicators and managed to be the first university to remain for so many years as the best in the region.

If it is considered that in the world there are more than 24 thousand universities, the current position places the UBA as the only public, massive, research-intensive and free university to be placed in positions of excellence, according to the new ranking of the QS International Consultant. In this way, the UBA – which this year celebrates its bicentennial – once again stands out in the international context and continues to add prestige.

The institution celebrated the distinction and stated that this was possible thanks to the policies implemented in recent years, such as greater support for research programs in strategic areas; the development of a network of exchanges and instances of internationalization between teachers, students and researchers, giving a central role to the transfer of technology with the productive sector; and innovation in technology and pedagogy.

In this sense, according to the rector of the UBA, Alberto Barbieri, “this result is, fundamentally, a recognition of the students, teachers, researchers and non-teachers who with their daily work build the best public university in the region”. Regarding this distinction in the framework of the critical global health context, Barbieri added that “if something has been revealed, it is that the most powerful tool we have as a society to face this situation is our science and technology.”

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Taking into account that in 2014 it was ranked 209 °, the UBA managed to position itself and sustain itself without registering negative trends in its growth until reaching the current 69th position. This reflects an escalation of 140 positions since then. At the regional level, the UBA is positioned in a leadership position along with leading institutions such as the National Autonomous University of Mexico, which also showed improvements over the previous year, and was ranked 105th.

The outstanding position reached by the UBA in the QS Ranking of universities is due to the good positioning of the indicators that are taken into account for the evaluation. The academic reputation It is one of them, in which the University of Buenos Aires reached the 44th position globally. This indicator assesses the perceptions of academics around the world about the best institutions in terms of research.

Another indicator in which the UBA stood out – it ranked 40th – was that of employer reputation. This index measures the opinions of employers around the world about the institutions that offer the best professionals.

Another of the pillars that QS takes to analyze the quality of the houses of higher studies is its level of internationalization. For seven years, the UBA has set itself clear objectives, rethinking its policy in this area, in terms of expansion and diversification of its programs. Thus, the new UBAINT international mobility programs for undergraduate and graduate students, teachers and researchers have significantly increased the university’s investment in the internationalization of the activities of the different actors in academic and scientific life.

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A Nacional level, the UBA is the first Argentine university to appear in the new QS Global Ranking of 2021, in 69th place, followed by the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (322nd), the University of Palermo (391th), the Austral University (400th ), the University of Belgrano (465º) and the National University of La Plata (581), among others.

The QS Ranking assesses the most outstanding and influential institutions of higher education from around the world, with the aim of providing the academic community with a detailed report on each of them. Prepared annually, it is based on four pillars: research, quality of teaching, reputation with employers and internationalization. For this edition 1,673 universities around the world were evaluated.


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