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The UGT warns of the seasonal employment and the poverty of workers in Girona


Seasonality of work, the chronization of poor workers and the existence of false self-employed workers, although 1,500 in the meat sector have been regularized in the last two years, and around 1,800 with the addition of agri-food, are «the differential facts of the precarious model of Girona, "as explained by the Secretary General of the UGT in the Girona region, Xavier Casas.

The union leader concretized the negative balance of 2019 in Girona and advanced the challenges that have been set for 2020, when they want to "break the damned barrier of 30,000 unemployed and not in a seasonal but stable way".

In fact, another black point of the Girona economy in 2019 is that, according to Casas, the "weakest unemployment data for the last six years were recorded".

On the other hand, the head of the UGT denounced that "the seasonality figures are intolerable", especially in the coastal strip, and made it clear by providing two data: the 3,000 unemployed people in the Maritime Forest between June and July they doubled between October and November, while from the Empordà coastline increased from 5,000 to about 9,000.

The low incomes of working people in Girona are, for the UGT, another deficit that must be corrected and that Casas called for not normalizing, as he said, "the idea is to convey the idea that there is no other way out. ». Among the difficulties of the territory, also added the aging population, a bad communications network and the increase of the house, besides the lack of social flats. "Living in Girona is becoming more and more difficult, prices are the highest since 2012," he lamented.

On the positive side of the scales, the secretary general of the union stated that "the battle against false cooperatives and freelancers is winning", as indicated by the incorporation of some 1,800 people from Girona into the companies for which they already worked. over the last two years.

By 2020, Xavier Casas called for "social and labor balance" because, he said, now "three out of four jobs depend on the services sector". To improve the situation, the UGT head of Girona called for "the industry, which can employ 12 months a year, and a strong public service structure".

Still in relation to the need for balance, Xavier Casas referred to the territorial and the differences between regions that show the rates of structural unemployment: that of the Alt Empordà, he said, except in summer, doubles the the Garrotxa or the Pla de l'Estany.

The Secretary General of the UGT in Catalonia, Camil Ros, emphasized the importance of increasing the minimum wage (SMI), which, based on the premise that it should be equivalent to 60% of the average salary, said that the state should be 1,160 euros and in Catalonia about 1,250. "Employers must accept that the path to recovery is to raise salaries," he said.

In his opinion, 2019 was a “ disaster '', among other issues because the labor reform has not been repealed – the UGT hopes that it will be repealed on May 1. That he remained in force, he exemplified, has allowed for "two-day layoffs" or "an avalanche of regulatory dossiers, especially in the last quarter, and in many cases no cause" ; "Occupation has been destroyed" and that which has been created is "precarious", he resumed.

Camil Ros included the political situation, both the Catalan and Spanish, the negative assessment of last year. The secretary general of the union expressed hope that 2020 would be a "year of political dialogue".

Remodeling of the union headquarters

Yesterday morning, the UGT delegates in the counties of Girona participated in a meeting in which the lines of action of the union were discussed this year. At the same time, they inaugurated the remodeling of the third floor of the Girona headquarters, which, as Casas pointed out, will continue in Figueres and Olot.

… of girona (t) catalonia (t) daily catalala (t) newspaper.


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