The Ukrainian War Could Have Been Averted If…


Russian President Vladimir Putin says the war in Ukraine today would not have happened if there had not been a coup in Kiev in 2014. Photo/Alexander Scherbak/TASS/Kremlin

MOSCOW – The ongoing war in Moscow Ukraine could have been avoided had there not been a coup in Kiev in 2014, the President of Russia stated Vladimir Putin .

Addressing Russian army mothers on Friday, Putin emphasized that the turmoil of the 2014 coup, also known as the Maidan coup, resulted in the West’s direct control of Ukrainian institutions, through blatant neo-Nazis, which Russia had no choice but to oppose.

“At the turn of the century, Russians were told that everything would be fine if they accepted outside control, and started playing someone else’s court,” Putin said.

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“Outsiders who are trying to control Russia, who are creating the current situation, including in the special military operations zone,” Putin said.

The 2014 Maidan coup overthrew President Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s pro-Russian leader.

Without naming the West specifically, Putin said that outsiders also have significant influence in Ukraine, but after 2014 they gained full control of the country.

“I understand that we are not gathered here for a serious discussion of political issues, but still, if there had not been a coup in Ukraine in 2014, none of this would have happened. Nothing at all,” he was quoted as saying Russia TodaySaturday (26/11/2022).

The US “nurtured” the Maidan protests, as US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland put it, which resulted in Ukrainian nationalists seizing power in February 2014.

Putin described them as “open neo-Nazis” who glorified World War II Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, killers of Russians, Poles, Jews and everyone else on the front lines, at Hitler’s behest.