The Ukrainians stopped the Russian advance to Slovyansk. They are being helped by other supplies of Western weapons – ČT24 – Czech Television

According to Tuesday morning’s British intelligence report, the Russians continue to increase their military presence at Ukraine’s eastern border, while fighting on Donbas is intensifying as invading troops try to break through Ukraine’s defensive lines.

The reporters believe that there is still a risk of accurate attacks on targets across Ukraine. According to London, the occupiers are trying to disrupt the movement of Ukrainian troops, weapons and equipment to the east of the country.

In a report from late Tuesday hours, intelligence reported that Ukrainian forces had managed to repel several Russian attempts to advance in the east of the country. The invading forces continue to face already known problems, such as logistical and technical difficulties, as well as the high morale of the Ukrainian fighters. According to reporters, the Russians are not even able to break the resistance in Mariupol.

Ukrainian troops also stopped the advance of Russian forces from the city of Izjum between Kharkov and Donbas towards nearby Slovyansk. About 10 to 15,000 civilians remain in the city and there are fears that they are rushing into a humanitarian catastrophe.

Russia is said to have up to 20,000 mercenaries in Donbas

The shelling and bombing on the Donbas front continues. The blasts also spread through Kharkov at night, where, according to the Reuters agency, the rockets claimed at least four dead on Tuesday, or Mykolaiv. City officials urged residents to find the nearest shelter, or at least stay away from the windows.

The Ukrainian air force claims that nine Russian air targets were shot down on Tuesday, including a plane, a helicopter, a rocket and five drones. Since the beginning of the invasion, according to Kiev, Russia has lost almost 21,000 soldiers, 815 tanks and thousands of other vehicles and 321 aircraft and helicopters. Moscow, on the other hand, reported the destruction of at least 496 drones and 2,388 tanks. The allegations of neither warring party can be independently verified.

According to the British Guardian, Russia has hired up to 20,000 mercenaries from Syria, Libya and other countries for the offensive in eastern Ukraine. They were allegedly recruited by mercenaries from Russia’s Wagner group. The Guardian quotes an unnamed European official as saying that he is an infantryman. “They have no heavy equipment or vehicles,” the official said.

“Practically the entire combat-ready part of the occupiers’ army is concentrated on the territory of our country and in the border areas of Russia. They sent almost everyone and everything that can be used in the fight against Ukraine, “said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a speech at night.

According to political geographer Libor Jelen from the Faculty of Science at Charles University, Russian troops are progressing easily in the open countryside, but will once again run into problems when trying to conquer larger cities.

“The Ukrainian army is aware of this, it will adapt its strategy to it, it will certainly not engage in open fighting in the landscape, it will use knowledge of the environment, attack in smaller groups from behind in a guerrilla war, use drones,” the analyst predicts. According to him, the question is whether Russia still has the resources for more and more waves of attacks.

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Political geographer Deer on the Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine

Source: CT24

Ukrainian secret services have warned that Moscow is preparing a “referendum” in southern Ukraine on joining Russia. According to the Ukrainians, the preparations took place in the Kherson or Mykolaiv region. Voting cases have already been recorded in the Zaporozhye region. Russian media are broadcasting a video in which residents of the village of Rozovka allegedly voted to join the unrecognized Donetsk Republic. Other residents of this village argue that most people do not know the video at all.

Chernobyl is communicating again

The decommissioned Chernobyl nuclear power plant has renewed a direct telephone line with Ukraine’s nuclear regulator, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said.

Earlier, Kyiv told the International Atomic Energy Agency that it had lost direct contact with the Chernobyl power plant. IAEA Chief Rafael Grossi welcomed the news of the line’s re-launch on Tuesday. “Obviously this was not a sustainable situation and it is very good news that the regulator can now contact the power plant whenever it needs to,” the AP quoted him as saying.

According to his earlier announcement, Grossi is to lead a delegation of IAEA experts who will go to the power plant for inspection. The trip should take place as soon as possible.

The US is preparing further aid

The Pentagon reported on Tuesday that Ukraine had received more fighters from abroad. But US Department of Defense spokesman John Kirby later corrected the information by saying that she only received spare parts for the planes.

However, according to Reuters, US President Joe Biden will announce additional military aid to Ukraine in the amount of $ 800 million (16 billion crowns) in the coming days.

In addition, Biden promised further supplies of artillery systems. The sending of these weapons was also announced by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The appointed leaders discussed the assistance to Ukraine together with other western allies of Kiev through a conference call on Tuesday.

More than a hundred Switchblade drones have been pledged to Ukraine by their manufacturer, the American armaments company AeroVironment.

The Norwegian government announced on Wednesday that it had sent Ukraine anti-aircraft sets of French-made Mistral with about a hundred missiles. “The conflict in Ukraine can be long-lasting and the country is dependent on international support to withstand Russian aggression,” said Norwegian Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gram.

Russia has successfully tested a new intercontinental missile

Russia has successfully tested a new Sarmat intercontinental missile, the Ministry of Defense said. President Vladimir Putin immediately said that this unique weapon would make everyone who is trying to threaten Russia think. Sarmat belongs to a new generation of Russian strategic weapons, the development of which Putin announced on the eve of the 2018 presidential election.

“Congratulations on the successful launch of the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile. It is a big and significant event in the development of promising weapons systems of the Russian army, “said Putin according to the TASS agency. According to the president, the weapon is characterized by the highest technical parameters and is able to overcome all means of modern missile defense.

According to earlier statements by Russian officials, the missile could be included in the armament this year. The Ministry of Defense said that this will happen after the completion of the current tests. One missile regiment is already preparing for rearmament.