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The union leadership would lie down and pull Scotland out of the UK, "says Tories

The Labor leadership has been accused by the Scottish Conservatives of "laying down and ripping Scotland out of Britain" after John McDonnell refused to say whether a Corbyn government blocks a second independence referendum.

The shadow chancellor made it clear again that his party had protested against another vote on the future of Scotland stubbornly. When asked if a Labor government would not facilitate this, she said she would "consider the proposals" that were being made at the time.

In March 2017, after Holyrood commissioned Nicola Sturgeon by 69 votes to 59 to seek a second independence referendum, Jeremy Corbyn emphasized that he did not believe that Westminster would seek to block an election democratically supported by the Scottish Parliament.

He said at the time: "If a referendum is held, it is absolutely fine; it should be kept. I do not think it is the job of Westminster or the Labor Party to prevent people from holding referendums, and adds that if the House of Commons votes on whether Scotland has another referendum or not, Labor will not would block ".

When the party leader was asked in September if he would refuse, as prime minister, to facilitate the staging of the so-called Indyref2, he replied that he "does not rule out a second poll" and a decision "on time."

Richard Leonard, leader of the Scottish Labor Party, said later this month, "I do not think a second independence referendum will be supported. That is why we will be categorical in our manifesto in the run-up to the General Elections that may take place later this year declare our opposition to holding a second referendum on independence. "

McDonnell stressed on Sunday Politics Scotland (Scotland) that Labor protested against another Scottish independence vote calling it a "complete distraction".

Asked whether a future Labor government would refuse to facilitate such an election, the Shadow Chancellor said: "We were against another referendum. We think that it is a complete distraction and keep our opposition alive. Of course, the manifesto is set in the normal democratic process of the Labor Party. "

Again, Mr McDonnell, who emphasized that Mr Leonard was "on the same territory" as he was, said: "Well, we will examine what proposals come from Scotland, and of course these are far-reaching issues that need to be discussed as a whole."

When asked if he supported Mr Leonard, the Shadow Chancellor said the party's Scottish trade union leader had "100% support from the British leadership and that he was on the same agenda as us".

However, Adam Tomkins for the Scottish Tories said: "This is further proof that Labor is strangely weak in meeting SNP's demands for independence.

"It's no wonder that the party is dancing north of the border, as their two most important personalities are no less interested in Scotland.

"It is clear that a Labor government would lie down and scotch Scotland out of Britain," the party spokesman said.

"This is a shameful failure of Labor and one that completely betrays the majority of voters in Scotland, proving once again that only the Scottish Conservatives can stand up to Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP," he added.


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