The United Kingdom summons the French ambassador to the escalation of the conflict over fisheries

The United Kingdom has summoned the French Ambassador, Catherine Colonna, following the arrest of a British trawler and amid escalating tensions in the dispute between Paris and London over fishing rights, which arose after Brexit.

A spokesman for the prime minister’s office, Boris Johnson, has called “unjustified” threats from France regarding the possibility of adopting new measures, which also “do not appear to be compatible by the EU with the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (ATT) or the broader international law”, reports Sky News.

We regret the confrontational language which has been constantly used by the French government on this issue, which makes this situation no easier to resolve, “they added from Downing Street.

In addition, London has insisted that “the Government has granted 98 per cent of license applications from EU vessels to fish in UK waters and, as has been consistently made clear, will consider any additional evidence on the rest. “

This Thursday, the British minister for Brexit, David Frost, chaired a meeting this Thursday to consider London’s response to the list published by Paris on Wednesday with possible sanctions on the United Kingdom, like the ban on the landing of British ships, if the fishing licenses are not approved, a measure that has been announced since the beginning of the dispute with London over the granting of the permits.

The dispute over fishing licenses between countries It occurred after Brexit and after the United Kingdom denied dozens of permits to French fishing vessels last month to operate in its territorial waters, in the face of the protests in Paris. Under the Brexit trade agreement reached at the end of 2020, European fishermen can operate in British waters as long as they can demonstrate that they previously operated there.