Dakar, Nov 24 (APS) – The US government has launched a five-year project with a budget of $ 15 million (approximately CFA 8.7 billion) to promote entrepreneurship and business investment in Senegal, learned the APS.

The new project, ” Entrepreneurship and Investment, ” of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) ” will facilitate investment and mobilize resources to develop self-sustaining ecosystems of entrepreneurship and business development. ‘businesses across the country,’ the US Embassy in Dakar said in a statement on Wednesday.

The project, which mobilizes public and private investments, aims to ” encourage young Senegalese to go into entrepreneurship, increase opportunities for women entrepreneurs, strengthen access to services for businesses in the start-up and growth phase, and facilitate financing and investment to stimulate the growth of the next generation of businesses in Senegal. ”

The objective “is to facilitate the realization of new investments for 20,000 companies already benefiting from the technical assistance of USAID”.

According to the statement, “ the project will work in partnership with business service providers, investment companies and government institutions, to promote the growth of Senegalese companies operating in promising sectors of high priority for USAID, especially those of agrifood, health, energy and water, sanitation and hygiene ”.

The document emphasizes that by building on “ the synergies ” offered by the strategic partnerships established within the ecosystem, USAID “ will broaden the base of resources and sustainable solutions for entrepreneurs in Senegal ” .

He adds that the objective of the project is also to improve ” access to sustainable business support services, to increase investments and create jobs and wealth in the country, by supporting incubators and technological centers of Senegal, the number of which continues to grow. ”