The United States is shocked! China shows potential ‘Second missile’ launches from hypersonic rocket traveling 5 times faster than sound

US media reveals testing of weapons systems China’s “hypersonic” in July launched a “second missile” from a craft that travels at a supersonic speed of more than five times, a technological advance that even the United States has. And the Russians themselves can’t.

Financial Times newspaper and the Wall Street Journal. which came out to expose this information, stating that The test of the weapon system reflects that. China’s nuclear warhead strategic missile technology has advanced far beyond what many have imagined. and even US Department of Defense officials was still surprised

The launch of a missile from a mother ship traveling at a hypersonic speed of more than 5 times is considered a high potential that the United States has. And Russia has never shown the world that it can.

The Financial Times also stated that US military guru is searching for how China has expertise in technology in this field beyond the eyes of competitors.

It was previously reported that China has tested a ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. which circles the earth in low-level orbit before plunging into targets within China in July, which only shocked the United States. enough already

Although the hypersonic rocket will miss the target about 20 kilometers away, but Gen. John E. Hyten, deputy chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Pentagon, who was the Pentagon’s No. 2 senior, said this was “reasonably accurate” for the first test.

But what makes the US Even more surprise is A Chinese hypersonic rocket launched another missile as it glided at more than 6,175 kilometers per hour. And the missile fell into the South China Sea without harming any side.
The purpose of the second missile launch is unclear. But experts speculated that it might be used to attack targets. or to divert the attention of defense systems in enemy countries.

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The US Department of Defense has also said China is ramping up production of nuclear warheads that can be deployed both on hypersonic rockets. traditional submarine or ground-based missile systems

source: AFP