The United States sends 222 athletes to the Beijing Winter Olympics, and Sean White leads the second largest team in history_Gold Medal_Skiing_Project

Original title: The United States sent 222 athletes to the Beijing Winter Olympics Sean White led the second largest team in history

On January 25, Beijing time, on Monday, local time, the United States announced the 222-person roster for the Beijing Winter Olympics, including four veterans who participated in the fifth Winter Olympics-snowboarder Sean White and Lindsay Jacobellis, bobsledger Katie Uland and curler John Schuster.

The U.S. team sent 115 male athletes and 107 female athletes to the Beijing Winter Olympics this time, which is the second largest lineup in U.S. history. Most athletes have already been nominated for the Olympic team in their respective sports. Announcements from the USOC and Paralympic Games gave them “official status.”

54 athletes will be making their Olympic debuts, and of those veterans, 18 have won gold medals, including Sean White, who could join Dutch speed skater Erin Wooss if he does well in Beijing He became the second athlete to win a gold medal in an individual event at four Winter Olympics.

Also worthy of attention is the “ski fairy” Mikaela Shiffrin, who came to Beijing with two gold medals. If she wins another one, she will be with Ted Rigeti, Andrea Mead- Lawrence was tied and became America’s top alpine skier.

The Beijing Winter Olympics will kick off on February 4, and some curling competitions will start early on February 2.Return to Sohu, see more


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