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The United States strengthens its military presence in Poland

Warsaw will finally (partially) win the case. Washington has signaled through its ambassador that it will strengthen its military presence in the Eastern European country, which is already home to about 4,000 US troops.

An announcement made while holding in Poland an international conference to "promote a future of peace and security in the Middle East" that some countries and observers have not hesitated to call an anti-Iran meeting.

For the time being, Georgette Mosbacher, the US ambassador to Warsaw, has not specified the number of additional soldiers who will park in Poland. But he promised that this increase "would be significant". On the order of several hundred, he told the Financial Times, without giving details on the calendar.

Victory in half-hearted Warsaw

It is a half-hearted victory for the conservative government of Poland, which has been seeking for several years to host a permanent US military base on its soil. Warsaw had even said it was prepared to spend more than $ 2 billion to facilitate this settlement, as it claims to feel threatened by Russia since the annexation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014.

But this option was rejected last September by the Deputy Defense Minister Mark Esper, who felt that Poland was not yet ready for such an installation. According to him, the spaces proposed by Warsaw did not meet the training needs of the American soldiers.

Tackle Washington

By co-organizing this international conference with the United States, Warsaw was again seeking to mollify Washington by showing its goodwill on the Iran issue. In the words of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, this conference should focus primarily on Iran and its "destabilizing influence."

But this meeting is shunned by the majority of Europeans who wish, for their part, to resume economic relations with Tehran and which, unlike the United States, did not withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. For its part, Warsaw made the calculation: what does its weak relations with Tehran weigh in the face of what remains its prime objective, the US military support against Moscow? Not enough.

Gabriel Nedelec


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