The universe of the Rolling Stones exhibited at the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille

The universe of the Rolling Stones on display … At the Stade Vélodrome! It is not about sport, but about music. “Unzipped” the exhibition-event from London, chose Marseille for its only stopover in France. And it takes room to store the 60-year career of the most famous rock band of all time.

400 objects from the group on display and a reconstructed apartment

Stage costumes, iconic guitars, notebooks, album covers never published … In total, 400 objects that belonged to the group are to be seen from this Thursday (June 10) until September 5 . On an area of ​​2,000 square meters, we also discover the grimy and messy London apartment of the Rolling Stones which has been reconstituted. Dirty dishes overflowing, piles of cigarette ends and spilled beer bottles … Here we are!

We can also admire Mick Jagger’s Mephistophelic stage outfit for the 1969 tour, and we also visit the studio in which the Stones recorded their greatest songs.

Stage costumes exhibited in Marseille © Maxppp
Franck Penannt

France Bleu Provence previewed the exhibition with its godfather, rock critic Philippe Maneuver

In 59 years, this is the first time that the Rolling Stones have opened the treasure chest“, enthuses with France Bleu Provence Philippe Maneuver, famous rock critic, sponsor of the Unzipped exhibition in Marseille.”They have some fabulous guitar collections, and when you come face to face with Keith Richards’ black Telecaster who did the entire 72 tour, there are vibes!“.

The guitars of the Stones ... mythical!
The guitars of the Stones … mythical! © Maxppp
Franck Pennant

Marseille and the Stones, a long history

Inaugurated in 2016 in London, this blockbuster exhibition only goes to France in Marseille and will then go to Toronto.

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Marseille and the Stones, it’s a long story, which begins with a bloody eyebrow arch. Excited fan threw a chair at Mick Jagger while the group gives a show in the small Vallier room in 1966. Jean Sarrus, future of the Charlots, who was at the time in the group Les Problems (which was touring with the Stones in France), remembers it for AFP. “The next day, we were in Lyon, and Mick Jagger took the stage with big clown glasses to hide the scar.“, says the one who played bass at the time.”

With this story of eyebrow arch, the Marseillais said to themselves ‘they hate us’. But no, they came back three times (1990, 2003 and 2018), they love this rebellious side of the city“, concludes Martin d’Argenlieu, major projects director of the Vélodrome.

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