The University Club’s double in La Liga 2021

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The University Club was successful in both finals of the 2021 Handball League, played on Saturday, April 24, at the Integrador gym: in women they beat Sergio Andrade 23-13 (PT: 8-12), while in men beat Real Madrid (former Municipal School) by 34-28 (PT: 15-12).

BIG RIVER.- Regarding the women’s final, DT Luciano Obiol acknowledged that “in the first half we found the spaces, but bad decisions were made, the girls were erratic in front of the rival goal.

I think the difference in those first 25 minutes (12-8) was too much for the other team, and our scoring was very low.

The issue was to follow the same path, it was failing to define. In the ST it is like the game turned around, in addition to the intensity that we began to put both in attack and defense, our goalkeeper (Lorena Pérez) began to close the opposing shots, there we had also failed in the closure at the ends . Our attack was more fluid, the ball began to enter, we were more intense on those paths that we had already found. Once those attacks could be carried out, the girls played more relaxed, and the game changed completely, and it became totally favorable for us ”.

The coach added that “those players who entered were the keys to the comeback, both in attack and defense. And having a long team also works in our favor, that allows us to try that change with the substitutes, and the level of the team does not suffer with these modifications ”.

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“We are training, now respecting the protocol that there can be a maximum of 10 players per shift, we try to accommodate ourselves in that way, dividing the groups, interspersing the days of practice.

They attend the club and the Carlos Margalot Sports Center, in total there are about 50 University Club training sessions, women and men, in all categories. We are planning what we do with the youngest, under 12 years of age. What matters first to us is the health of the children and the family, it is a different situation and we have to see how we continue ”.

Second half

“As long as it is possible to leave in the second half of the year, we would travel to Córdoba, with the entire delegation, to watch training and play at another level, for now everything is stopped due to this health situation. What we are trying to do is that everyone has a certain movement, that they can continue training, ”Obiol concluded.


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