The unknown Arsenal player who wants to win a World Cup with the Colombian team

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This week, the selection Colombia has stolen the main focus of the main sports media in the coffee country, since the national team will play two friendly matches on this FIFA date: with Guatemala and with Mexico. Both matches will be played in the United States.

Given this, some controversies have been armed around the coffee group, from constructive criticism to destructive criticism. Players have even begun to show that they may be possible summoned by Néstor Lorenzo in the future to the national team.

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The player who wants to win a World Cup with the Colombian national team

Taken from Arsenaloficial.

This Tuesday, a player who is part of English football was met, precisely at Arsenal. The young athlete is an English Colombo, with a Colombian father and a European mother. The young man works as a goalkeeper and so far is considered a promise in the ‘gunners’ team.

His name is Alexei Rojas Fedorushchenko and is currently 16 years old. The goalkeeper has already been called up for the under 15 and under 17 teams. In addition, his height promises to be a goalkeeper with the capacity for modern football, since at his young age he is 1.83, which would be important for the future of the Colombian team.

Alexei himself has said in different interviews that his greatest dream is to play for the Colombian national team and win a World Cup. Apparently, his roots have been impregnated by his parents, who have a strong inclination for the culture of the Latin American country.

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The player has not stopped expressing that he prepares every day to be part of the Colombian team. Everything indicates that this is one of his main objectives.