The Unmissable Bordeaux Wine Festival: A Celebration on a Human Scale

The 2023 edition of Bordeaux Wine Festival is fast approaching. Having become the unmissable event in the city of Bordeaux, the wine festival is winning over more and more enthusiasts. From June 22 to 25, 1 kilometer of quay will be dedicated to the event. 8 wooden pavilions will host 8 ranges of winegrowers: Fresh Bordeaux wines, Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur reds, Mouton Cadet – Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Graves – Sauternes, Saint-Emilion – Pomerol – Fronsac, Les Côtes, Médoc wines and New wines -Aquitaine.

Among the 80 appellations, 65 from Bordeaux will be present on the counters. 1,200 winegrowers and merchants are expected for the occasion. They will come together in a village spirit to promote their work. “For the first time, people will be specially mobilized on each pavilion to give more explanations on the wines offered for tasting” adds Brigitte Bloch, President of the Bordeaux Convention and Visitors Bureau. In addition to tastings, Bordeaux Fête le Vin is also an opportunity to develop wine tourism.

A party on a human scale

Celebrating in a responsible and committed way is a bet that Bordeaux Fête le Vin and all its partners are taking on. Pierre Hurmic, mayor of Bordeaux, promises a significant reduction in waste, better water management, or even “the recovery of cigarette butts and oyster shells”. The bottles will also be reused for the first year, completes Brigitte Bloch.

“A state of mind, a commitment, a responsibility”, these are the three pillars of this unprecedented edition. Sharing and encounters in a friendly atmosphere, Brigitte Bloch promotes a celebration on a human scale, with a point of honor placed on the explanation of Bordeaux wines and vineyards. “Consumers are hungry for knowledge, information” also assures Allan Sichel, president of the Bordeaux Wine Interprofessional Council (CIVB).

Allan Sichel, President of the Bordeaux Wine Interprofessional Council, Brigitte Bloch, President of the Tourist and Convention Bureau and Pierre Hurmic, Mayor of Bordeaux (at the microphone) unveil the new commitments and the new program of Bordeaux Fête le Vin 2023 .

Strolling along the quays of the Port de la Lune is also about forging ties, and “To make known the Bordeaux vineyard in its entirety. The public does not necessarily know that in Bordeaux there are also whites, rosés, sweet wines, sparkling wines” continues Allan Sichel. The actors of the party are keen to surprise the consumer.

A sector in crisis

For some, this event is eagerly awaited. The crisis in the wine sector is hitting the Bordeaux region hard. “We need to balance supply with demand” emphasizes Allan Sichel. More than 10,000 hectares of vines are affected by uprooting, for example. “The public consumes less, but consumes better” summarizes Christophe Chateau, director of communication at the CIVB. The mayor of Bordeaux talks about new consumption models, in particular with organic wine, which is making a name for itself.

In this context, Bordeaux Fête le Vin is perhaps even more than in previous editions, a moment “important for the sector” confirm Allan Sichel.

A friendly and responsible city for an innovative and exemplary vineyard – P. Hurmic

While waiting for June 22, the tastings and events will begin in preview from June 15. “The wine festival will not only take place on the quays, but also in the city” announces Ségolène Faget, major events coordinator at the Bordeaux Convention and Visitors Bureau. 70 partner wine merchants will open their doors until June 18 to enthrall the public.

After the appetizer, it’s time for the main course which will reveal many surprises. On the program this year, two new drone shows, explanatory exhibitions, 12 live concerts, 4 DJ sets, and many other new features.

“Wine is the Eiffel Tower of Bordeaux”

Labeled ISO 20 121 in 2022, Bordeaux Fête le Vin goes even further in its eco-responsible commitment. For this brand new edition, a budget of 2 million euros was necessary. The objectives are great since the annualization of the event, “the wine festival shines on a national scale, we try to do the same on an international scale” projects Brigitte Bloch.

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The wine crisis will not prevent Bordeaux from celebrating wine

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