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The unusual birthday party of Carlos Ghosn at the Palace of Versailles (VIDEOS) – RT in French

While Carlos Ghosn is targeted by several legal procedures, a video showing the grandiose party he organized at Versailles for his 60 years has leaked. A € 634,000 cash prize set by the Dutch subsidiary of Renault-Nissan.

According to information from The Obs, the investigators would be interested in a film shot during the big birthday party organized for the 60 years of Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn, on March 9, 2014. Problem: the invoice of 634 000 euros would have been paid by the subsidiary of the automobile group in the Netherlands. On the program, candlelit dinner in the famous Ice Halls, pyramids of macaroons, fireworks in the sumptuous garden designed by André Le Nôtre and period music performed by artists in costumes …

The images give a certain impression of "excess" as noted by the weekly, which adds that there is "something to comfort the conclusion of auditors Mazars firm, after scrutinizing the accounts of the subsidiary Renault-Nissan BV, judged that this evening was a private event and in no way a party for the fifteen years of the alliance as advanced by Carlos Ghosn ". And to emphasize: "Many of the CEO's personal friends and acquaintances were invited, including many Lebanese, and only very rare business relations of the alliance."

A more complete video is also available on YouTube.

Suspected of financial malpractice by the Japanese courts, Carlos Ghosn was again imprisoned on April 4 in Tokyo after he had previously been released on bail. Four days later, Nissan shareholders voted to revoke his tenure as director. The judicial series lasts since November 19, 2018.

Read also: "Absolute evil", "arrogance": Nissan shareholders vote for the dismissal of Carlos Ghosn


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