The unusual reason why Martín Bossi separated: “I found a zucarita in the bidet”

Martín Bossi was one of the four guests that Andy Kusnetzoff had on his program “PH: We Can Talk” last night and he made everyone laugh with an incredible anecdote: he assured that he ended a relationship with a girl because he made a lot of crumbs.

“I am somewhat complicated, I have a particularity. I measure love and coexistence by the issue of crumbs. I was very hooked on a girl and I could see that she made a lot of dirt. One day he told me: ‘I’m going to cook you some ravioli at the four cheeses. ‘I don’t forget any more, I arrive and there were 3,000 pots in the kitchen.’ How many are coming, the All Blacks team? ‘I wondered. It was incredible. “, the comedian began by recounting.

“That’s how it started. Later, I wanted to make him breakfasts that did not leave crumbs. Guy, I would offer him a cut banana and ask me to bring him some palms. He ate everything with puff pastry. The person who chooses the puff pastry is a person who is willing to make crumbs. “he continued.

Finally, he specified: “From there, I thought: ‘there are going to be problems here.’ One day, I came home from training tennis and I saw a terrible picture. The girl was very loose, watching a series in bed with little crabs. She ate by the handfuls. The day of the separation came after finding a crab in a bidet.

In addition to Bossi, sports journalist Gustavo López, journalist Josefina “China” Ansa and dressmaker Matilda Blanco were also invited to the program.


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