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Clinically known as cytologies and more popularly as a Pap test, tests to detect possible uterine cancer could be replaced by a simple home exam.

According to El Universal, a home urine test will be enough for women to discover if they are at risk of cervical cancer, even without requiring a visit to the gynecologist.

They were scientists from Queen Mary University in London, in the United Kingdom, who asked 600 women to provide samples collected by themselves for analysis in a test that according to the morning, was defined by charities as a future “point of inflection".

The Cancer conference of the National Cancer Institute of that country, held in Glasgow suggested that the method has great chances of achieving popularity among women.

While the test, known as the S5 test, could be offered as an alternative to the traditional Pap smear, doctors argue that traditional tests would continue to be used.

Researchers indicated that users will be able to do the test at their homes in even ordering the kit online and sending the mail samples for later analysis in the laboratory.

The test, according to Dr. Belinda Nedjai, one of those responsible for its development, the S5 measures the chemical changes detected in urine samples or vaginal fluids to determine the risk of women suffering from cancer.

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