The US calls on Ortega to start the transition in Nicaragua “immediately”

Washington, United States.

United States this Saturday called the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, to give way “immediately” to a democratic transition in his country, on the second anniversary of the protests against the government of the Sandinista leader in which, according to the State Department, at least 325 innocent people have died.

“We urge the President Ortega and Vice President (Rosario) Murillo to immediately initiate a transition democracy, including the restoration of human rights guarantees and free and fair elections – to provide health, prosperity and freedom to Nicaragua“reads a statement from the Secretary of State of USAMike Pompeo.

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The head of US diplomacy pointed out in the note, released on the occasion of the two-year crisis in the Central American country, that Ortega last July he abandoned the national dialogue with the political opposition and that to date has not complied with the terms with which his representatives agreed in March 2019, including the restoration of civil liberties, the release of political prisoners and the establishment of significant electoral reform.

“More than 70 political prisoners remain incarcerated,” warned Pompeo, who denounced that the National Police of Nicaragua and masked para-police continue to spread fear through intimidation and violence against activists and critics, while attacks on the press continue “incessantly.”


The Secretary of State pointed out that the pandemic of coronavirus “illustrates the mismanagement of Ortega and Murillo once again “, while criticizing the lack of leadership on the part of the ruler and the” contempt “of that Administration” for the well-being of its people by avoiding the necessary public measures to contain COVID-19“-

According to Pompeo, while the rest of the world cancels large meetings and events, suspends non-essential economic activity and adopts measures of social distancing, the Ortega government and Murillo “refuses even to recognize the danger of this deadly pandemic.”

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Last Wednesday, Ortega reappeared on television after 34 days without public demonstration and defended the strategy that his Government has adopted in relation to the pandemic by the coronavirus.

Accompanied by his wife and vice president, Ortega He argued that the decision of his Government not to decree any type of emergency due to the pandemic, not to suspend classes or restrict the entry or mobility in its territory to any traveler is because “if the country stops working, the country dies , the town dies, it is extinguished “.

But a day later, a group of “political prisoners” and their families issued an “alert” for fear that the pandemic could reach the “La Modelo” prison, where, they said, they remain under overcrowded and unsanitary conditions.

Nicaragua so far, nine confirmed cases of COVID-19, with a single deceased.


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