The US House of Representatives is questioning whether UFOs are real or not.

The U.S. Congress has opened an investigation into the first sightings of an unidentified flying object (UFO) in 50 years after the US National Intelligence Service. Releases report on sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena last year

The U.S. Congress has opened an investigation into the sightings of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, with data from the public hearing as a stepping stone to understanding the unexplained phenomenon.

Sightings of the Mysterious Flying Object, or UFO, have been viewed by society as a nonsense or conspiracy theory over the past several decades. The issue returned to the public’s attention after the US Department of Defense. Revealing a mysterious object above the sky

Camera from a US Navy fighter jet. Capture a mysterious object flying over the Pacific Ocean near San Diego. California in November 2004 or 18 years ago

The fighter pilot said the mysterious object was moving at high speed and was able to change direction quickly. The incident was cited in the US National Intelligence Service’s June 2021 sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena.

The report reveals 144 cases of mysterious phenomena from 2004 to 2021, almost all of them still insufficient to explain whether they were caused by nature or by cutting-edge technology.

While the United States will continue to study these mysterious objects. because it may affect national security and aviation safety

The release of reports of unexplained sightings of the aerial phenomenon led to public hearings directly from the mouths of intelligence officials.

Scott Bray, Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Testify against the chairman of the Intelligence Subcommittee and display a video clip recorded by Navy pilots in 2021.

The video clip captured a mysterious spherical object with reflections. Fly through the cockpit window in no time. But so far, no answer has been found, with Bray saying that since 2000, more than 400 cases of such mysterious objects have been seen.

While over the years US Department of Defense No evidence has been found to suggest that the mysterious phenomenon had an extraterrestrial origin.

Interestingly, defense and intelligence analysts have not completely ruled out the possibility of the issue.

Although the answer to the first public hearing in more than 50 years of the US Congress. will not be clear enough But this inquiry is a turning point. After the US Army Rejecting UFO Beliefs Since the 1940s