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The US is supporting Myanmar's Rohingya with millions of calls for action

The Monday pledge came when diplomats met privately on the sidelines of the United Nations annual general assembly to discuss ways to tackle the crisis and address resources to critical emergency services such as housing, food and health care.

"We continue to call on the Burmese government to do more to hold those who have committed ethnic cleansing to account for their atrocities, stop the violence and allow access to humanitarian and free press," said Nikki Haley. the US Ambassador to the United Nations The US continues to call Myanmar with the former name of Burma.

Foreign Ministers and senior officials from a dozen countries attended the meeting. United Kingdom Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, who hosted the event with his French counterpart, said the world should act within a year, adding that the Burmese military must be called to account for their role in the atrocities committed.

"If we did not make any significant difference in the lives of the millions or more of those affected in one year, we have failed as an international community," Mr Hunt said, according to the State Department. British officials did not indicate the consequences of non-action in one year.

Diplomats demanded more help and said they spoke of a possible return of refugees to Myanmar.

The UN Security Council has not passed a resolution since the beginning of the crisis in August 2017 because of the Chinese opposition. China is a close ally of Myanmar and has said that the problem should be solved through cooperation rather than confrontation.

Two government ministers from Myanmar attended the assembly meeting, but did not join. Myanmar has denied allegations of genocide stating that its military action is aimed at eradicating Rohingya fighters.

In Myanmar, the army chief Gen. Min Aung Hlaing on Sunday, which he described as American interference. The US report said he and other generals responsible for "genocide" demanded that they be prosecuted in an international court.

Major General Aung Hlaing told the troops in a speech that no country or organization has "the right to interfere and make decisions" [the] Sovereignty of a country. "

Ms. Haley's pledge came with the publication of a separate State Department report on Myanmar's campaign against the Rohingya. The American report reports killings, expulsions, and violence against the Rohingya people, but he does not call the atrocities "genocide" or "crimes against humanity." American officials have said that such classifications could have legal implications for the US and lead to human calls for US human rights groups to intervene.

A human rights group, Amnesty International, welcomed the US initiative in conducting the investigation, but criticized it for failing to "legally determine crimes against humanity."

"This represents a significant missed opportunity on an important human rights issue and sends a worrying message about how the United States will develop plans to fight crimes under international law," said Francisco Bencosme, advocacy manager for Asia-Pacific at Amnesty International USA statement.

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