The US midterm elections, which are reported to be a good fight for the Democratic Party, are actually “victory” for the Republican Party in control of the House of Representatives — Yoshihisa Komori | Agora Opinion Platform

House votes anti-Biden, Democrats take a big step back

The midterm elections in the United States this time have attracted an unusually high level of interest, even in Japan. What was the result of that election?

The biggest point is the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. As a result, the Democratic Biden administration has lost its previous smooth support in both houses of Congress. Moreover, President Biden is likely to face a head-on challenge in the Republican-led House of Representatives over allegations of fraud involving his second son, Hunter.

In the more than a dozen midterm elections that I have covered and reported in the United States, there has never been a time when Japanese interest in the issue has been as high as this time.

Behind this is the reality that Japan is increasingly forced to rely on the United States for national security. China’s military offensive to the Senkaku Islands, North Korea’s frequent missile launches, threats to Japan, and so on, Japan today is truly a national crisis. In that predicament, the deterrence of US military power in the Japan-US alliance will be a great support. Whether the United States will defend Japan as promised in an emergency. This is largely due to changes in political trends in the United States. This is probably why Japan’s gaze toward the US midterm elections has become unusually hot.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Fired

“Tonight, it’s finally official. I now proudly declare that the era of one-party democracy is over.”

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