The White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, signed a memorandum authorizing US border forces to use force at the US-Mexico border when necessary. Reported by the Military Times.

According to the newspaper, the document allows the US armed forces to carry out defense activities, which, according to the Minister of Defense, are “sufficiently necessary” to protect the border guards. In particular, you can use the fire to kill, crowd control, temporary detention and a quick search.

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00:00November 19

It is specified that at the moment on the border of the two countries there are about 5.9 thousand soldiers of the regular army and 2.1 thousand soldiers of the US National Guard.

In October, thousands of refugees from Central America went to the US border. In parallel, several caravans go north from Honduras and Guatemala. US President Donald Trump sent thousands of troops to the border to contain the influx of illegal immigrants. The first groups from the caravan of migrants arrived on the border of the USA and Mexico on November 13.

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