The USA imposed sanctions on Lukashenko’s plane, some Belarusian institutions and officials

The US Department of Finance included seven members of the Central Election Commission of Belarus, MAZ and BelAZ enterprises and their managers, and Alexander Lukashenko’s Boeing 737 on the sanctions list. Information about this was published on the institution’s website.

Belarusian Central Committee members Igor Karpenko, Elena Baldovskaya, Denis Duka, Elena Kuntsevich, Alexander Tkachev, Ekaterina Fedosenko and Alexander Yuzhik were blacklisted.

MAZ and BelAZ enterprises and their managers Valery Ivankovich and Sergey Nikifirovich were also included in the list.

The US also imposed sanctions on Alexander Lukashenko’s Boeing 737 plane with the flight number EW-001PA. According to the Ministry of Finance, Lukashenko, his family members and his close circle also use this plane for personal travel.

According to Brian Nelson, deputy head of the US Department of the Treasury, counterterrorism and financial intelligence officer, these sanctions were imposed because Lukashenko’s authoritarian regime suppresses democracy and supports Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

In October 2022, Alexander Lukashenko announced at a meeting on military security issues that Belarus was participating in Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine. The Belarusian authorities ensured the passage and temporary location of Russian troops through the territory of the country.

The United States, the European Union, and the United Kingdom have already imposed sanctions against Belarus.