Health The UW Health Hospital will open a new open...

The UW Health Hospital will open a new open care facility


MADISON, WIS. (WMTV) – UW Center will open a new Burn and Wound Hospital next month.

The $ 5.8 million dollar facility can hold eleven patients for extended stay treatments up to three months.

The physical space is twice the size of the existing Fire and Wound Center, with only seven beds.

Dr Lee Faucher, Director of the UW Center for Health and Wound Healing, says that many different amenities are located together, making it easier for patients and staff alike.

“This is a one stop shop where they can come here and if everything else is okay, they can be released in the future for hope,” said Dr. Faucher.

With occupational therapy space and additional rooms and hydrotherapy rooms, patients can have patients on their own.

“Our key goals for all patients we see are to get them back to their lives before they were injured,” said Dr. Faucher. “If we can do this better, in a more comfortable way, and sometimes even faster or more efficiently than we do.” T

For patients’ families, there are additions that can remain more comfortable long-term. This includes a safe place for children to play and a family conference room to meet with hospital staff.
The center has a further focus on the mental health of patients.

“We have a better set of tools to carry out this task than we have done before,” said Dr. Faucher.

Carl Hershey is a patient of the UW Medical and Wound Center, who was treated for thirteen years ago after a serious injury to 77 per cent of his body. Hershey was a contractor working in Iraq and filled in flames after igniting a propane tank.

He is from La Crosse and travels to Madison to work with patients on a burn.

“I think someone who has gone through what they have done can be involved and can understand what they feel and what they have to do,” said Hershey. “I think I can come in and I hope they will be OK.”

He says the new facility is great and will be of great benefit to patients seeking privacy.

The facility will officially open on 16 March, 2020. The center is the only one of its kind in the state to provide treatment for children and adults.



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