The Valencia City Council enables a shelter to serve the homeless during the heat wave | Radio Valencia | Present

The Valencia City Council has enabled a shelter to serve the homeless during the heat wave forecast for these days. It is located in a municipal premises on the street Santa Cruz of Tenerife, It’s open from this Thursday until next Monday between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., and offers water, food, shower, hygiene kits and clothes, leisure activities and a rest area. The device is supported by Red Cross thanks to an agreement to deal with social emergencies in the event of cold, cold drops, heat or other unfavorable weather conditions.

The municipal facilities in the Tres Forques neighborhood are prepared to offer water and shelter from the heat. From the Social Emergency Care and Collaboration in Emergencies Service (SAUS) and the Homeless Care Center (CASTO), those users who require it are referred to Santa Cruz de Tenerife Street.

The temporary shelter It has capacity for 15 people and is attended by a technician and between five and six volunteers. of basic responses in emergency of the Red Cross. The vulnerable people are provided maintenance – water, food and snacks. They can also use the showers and are provided with an individual hygiene kit and, if necessary, a clothing kit. Likewise, leisure activities are carried out and a rest area has been prepared.