The vans equipped will be denied to the technical control

The vans equipped will be denied to the technical control

The technical control changes in May 2018. Among the novelties: vehicles transformed to serve as motorhomes will have to change their registration. You spend your holidays in your comfortable van? Be careful, next summer may be more complicated. From May 20, 2018, the vans equipped will be refused the technical control for mismatch with its identification document. Clearly, your registration is no longer compliant. Until then considered as a VP (private car) or CTTE (utility of less than 3.5 tonnes), this type of vehicle must display the words VASP (specific motor vehicle) on its registration card. “The owner must make a counter-visit within two months,” explains Jacques Guillermin, vice-president of the technical control section at the National Center of Motor Professions (CNPA). A delay that allows him to abandon the development of his van or to comply. “In case of recidivism, the owner or driver risks a fine of 135 euros, immobilization of the registration card and the impoundment of the vehicle,” he adds. To obtain VASP approval, four fixed elements are needed: the table, bed, kitchen and storage. “In this case, we must change the registration and go past the DREAL (regional directorates of the environment, planning and housing)” informs Jacques Guillermin. “If only one of these modules is removable, approval is not granted,” he says. In addition, there is another solution to pass the technical control: the installation of removable equipment just to keep the mention VP or CTTE on its registration card. A tip that will be misleading at the time of verification but is illegal. Good news for the owners of Combi Volkswagen, it is possible to bring a gray card collection. >> Read also – Motorists, here are the 8 calamities that will fall on you in 2018 As a reminder, the technical control becomes more demanding from May 20, 2018. From 123 checkpoints, it passes to 132, making it possible to raise 606 points of failure against 453 today. Of these, 340 are classified as “major failures” with a counter-visit within two months and 127 as “critical” with the prohibition to circulate except to the place of rehabilitation. An extension of the vehicle inspection entails a longer examination time and, consequently, a higher cost. The bill should increase by 10 to 15%. >> Our service – Save money by testing our Auto Insurance Comparator Do not miss any important article of by subscribing to our alerts. Click on the red bell at the bottom right of this screen (it works on computers of all brands and on Android smartphones).

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