The various faces of Ramadan 2020

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Published on : 04/30/2020 – 22:36

World Religions – Sunday May 3, 2020 – 11.10-10.00 (Paris time)

From the mother of a large family to overcrowded days with full-time children at home to the single 30-something single in his studio, passing by the disoriented old retirees to no longer meet friends at the mosque: this Ramadan 2020 has multiple faces. Clémentine Méténier reports in Grenoble.

The Muslim comedian Farid Abdelkrim, web producer A Muslim who wishes you well extols in its capsules the benefits of a Ramadan in silence and “without intermediaries” which calls the believer to spiritual autonomy.

Allah feminine “(Albin Michel), the latest bookÉric Geoffroy highlights the place that Sufism gives to women. This esoteric and mystical current of Islam exalts, indeed, the woman as feminine Eternal, and way to reach God. Éric Geoffroy, a specialist in Sufism whom he teaches at the University of Strasbourg and co-founder of the association “Conscience Soufie”, reminds us that the women who now access the Imamate, especially in Sufism, are in reality the heirs of these learned women who, in the centuries which followed the Revelation, occupied first rank places in the accompaniment and direction of the faithful.



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