the ventilated polyester coffin did not comply with the “zero waste” rules of Montigny-le-Tilleul

André does not take offense. This Thursday noon, he and his family attended the funeral of André’s dad, at the cemetery of Landelies.

The funeral of the well-known octogenarian in the entity was considerably turned upside down. In question, the coffin… This one was made of ventilated polyester. A material that has been banned here since September 2019.

“He knocked on it, as if it were a used car”

And this is what was applied, therefore, this Thursday, by the gravedigger of the Landelin cemetery. “As soon as we opened the hearse, he looked at the coffin, knocked on it, as if it were a used car,” continues André, the son of the deceased.

► The nervousness is mounted, before the gravedigger obtains the authorization to proceed with the burial.

► Here is André’s testimony and the reaction of the mayor of Montigny-le-Tilleul.



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