The very agricultural “New World of Americas” Steam evaluation has risen to good reviews, and it’s really great to be able to dodge attacks while lying on your stomach | 4Gamers

With the MMORPG “New World” (Chinese translation:AmericaNew World) When it was first launched, it was given positive and negative reviews, which caused Steam to appear as mixed. However, after two weeks, the reviews have risen to most praise status. The number of people in the game once exceeded 900,000, making Steam the most popular. One of the games.

According to Steamcharts, the number of “New World” reached 913,027 at its peak last week. This has also led to queues for most servers. Amazon Games Studio has also arranged for players to transfer roles from the server. After all, this is a game with PvP national warfare is a selling point game.

Since “New World” does not currently have an Asian server, and the game itself does not support Chinese, players in the Chinese circle are still a little unfamiliar with this game. However, many aspects of this game incorporate many elements of past MMORPG works. Those who are interested Refer to the previous pre-evaluation of the editorial department.

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Basically, “New World” is a free and open world MMORPG that can collect any resources by oneself, can be repaired by any profession, and can make any items by oneself, and can be proficient in 12 kinds of weapons. Just because a player can practice life skills and weapons without restriction for a character, it is natural to be more agricultural in the upgrade process.

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However, just because you will upgrade everything you practice, weapon specialization will upgrade, fishing will also upgrade, solving missions will also increase the prestige level of the territory to obtain the BUFF bonus (gathering acceleration or tax reduction) in the area. Everything is designed to allow players to devote themselves to the cultivation of the territory and prepare for future PvP camp battles.

It’s worth mentioning that the game’s weapon combat system performs quite well, and the sense of strike and physical collision is very delicious. Players can not only block or dodge attacks from monsters, but can even crouch, lie down, and dodge. Roll this type of action to avoid enemy attacks.

Yes, this game can get on the ground, but at first I really didn’t know it was used for nothing, nor was it playing World War II or shooting games. I didn’t realize it until I saw someone hiding from the coffin bearer like this.

At the same time, there are no specific skills in the game. All attack skills are all directional. You need to stab accurately to hit the enemy. If you stab the head, there will be an extra headshot bonus. The gameplay of some weapons is even very similar to the rhythm of “Dark Soul” or “Sekiro”, and you need to master the enemy’s attack to be able to attack.

Bows and arrows or muskets are no exception. The monster module Hitbox in this game is real, and if you are inaccurate, even a small distance will not cause damage. (But there is also a delay problem.)

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Of course, “New World” also has some inexplicable shortcomings.

For example, there is no mount to move, or the character cannot swim (only walk in the water), only humans have no other races (there is no gender when creating a corner, only the body is divided), and messy task lines or more boring tasks The plot, this will be very unaccustomed to players who are used to other guided system MMOs.


If you don’t like PvP (or too Lag to play), there are also dungeons in the game that you can use to buy equipment, run your own characters to collect life, and then save money to rent a hut, furnish and decorate your own room (attributes can be improved), It is also a kind of MMO Lohas gameplay.

In any case, if you see a friend’s Steam game displaying “New World”, he is either logging or on his way to logging. The wood needed for this game may be far more than “Valheim”.


“New World” was launched on the Steam platform on September 28. The current price is 999 yuan. There is no Asian server and Chinese subtitles are not supported. However, the Ping value on the US West server can be up to 150, and it can be connected via VPN. Maybe it can be improved.