the victim could be an influencer or an Italian pornstar

E’ yellow on finding the dead body torn to pieces and found on March 21 a Borno, in the Brescia area. The Carabinieri of Brescia are checking one new track. Checks would focus on one influence Lombard that he would be missing from his social profiles for a few days and that he would have on body at least 7 of the 11 tattoos indicated by investigators. The new investigations are taken following a report arrived at the editorial office of the online newspaper BSnews whose director Andrea Tortelli was heard by the carabinieri. According to another source, reported by BresciaToday, the dead body would be to an Italian porn actressresident in Lombardy and of which there would be no news time ago.

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Investigations are underway to understand if the dead body actually corresponds to the donna. In recent days the carabinieri had disseminated information on the tattoos of the donna, during the autopsy. The woman was about 160 centimeters tall, weighed 50-55 kilos had hair dark and particularly fingernails and toenails curate with the application of one nail varnish violet color with silver glitter. The tattoos carried the words: “step by step” on the right ankle, “wanderlust” on the right collarbone, “elegance is the” on the right side of the back, a portion of the design on the left elbow, “be brave” on the left elbow, “fly “on the right wrist, an inverted” V “on the right thigh,” VV “on the left thigh,” you “on the back of the left hand and a speckled design on the right buttock. The information was disseminated, the investigators explain, so that “possible acquaintances of the woman as well as professionals in the sector (tattoo artists and beauticians) can provide information useful for identification “.

Last updated: Monday 28 March 2022, 19:40