“The video game industry is more like Hollywood. The budgets are huge and the stakes are high.”


Mike Pondsmith, creator of the original board game Cyberpunk 2020, as well as a consultant CD Project Red regarding the development Cyberpunk 2077, shared his thoughts on the difference between the desktop and video game industries.

According to Pondsmith, it is much easier to get into the desktop industry, because you can easily get to know its famous figures, who willingly help with advice on how to start your own company. For example, Pondsmith, while still a simple fan of board games, met with Steve Jackson, the author of Munchkin, who helped him with advice on how to get into the industry.

But according to Pondsmith, this is not the case with video games: there is an invisible wall between fans and developers. Due to the huge size of the studios, fans often do not even know who exactly made the game, therefore they practically do not turn for advice – they simply do not know who.

“Several times people still found me and wrote:” Did you really work on the game? ” Yes, it worked “- gave an example of Pondsmith

He believes that due to huge budgets, the video game industry is more like Hollywood with its huge risks in the development of the project. In the board game industry, budgets are dozens or even hundreds of times less.

“I can make a good board game and spend a maximum of $ 10,000 on it. And when I was working on my first major video game, I asked, ‘What’s our budget?’ And got the answer: “$ 20 million”
I thought: “Am I now responsible for what this twenty million will go to? Fuck you. ” So the stakes are much higher. “- said Mike Pondsmith

Most likely, by the first major video game, Pondsmith means an MMORPG in the franchise Matrixwhich came out in 2005, he was one of the designers of the project.

But even with all the hardships, Pondsmith says, there are always people in the video game industry willing to help newcomers. This is also facilitated by developer conferences and gaming exhibitions. Therefore, those people who really want to connect their lives with the development of video games and do not know how to get into this industry should resort to various methods of obtaining information.

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