The video of Suárez’s farce exam comes to light

The Italian media (including ‘La Repubblica’ and ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’) released today the images of the 19-minute test that the forward approved on September 17 at the University for foreigners in Perugia. The Italian city prosecutor’s office had installed several cameras in the faculty because it was already investigating the Italian exams to obtain citizenship and came across the Uruguayan’s case.

The prueba starts with a quiet “hello, all right“of the player, who began to talk about his life, his family and his career.” I like to be with my family, I play Play with my children, “said the player, who then had to describe what he saw in two photos: “There are four people, dad, mom, boy, girl, to go shopping … Boy wears ‘cocummella’ (instead of cocomero, the Italian word for watermelon), peppers, fruit and vegetables”.

Perugia prosecutors maintain that Suárez received a pdf with questions and answers before the exam, which ended with smiles, autographs and photos with teachers and their children. The investigation has been closed a week ago with five defendants: the former rector of the university, Giuliana Grego Bolli, the general director Simone Olivieri and the professors.