The video showing the brutal murder of the retiree from Villa Soldati

The video where the assassination of Calabretta was recorded

Thursday, last October 20, at 5.35. Adolfo Gustavo Calabretta 76 years old, finishes parking his car on Tabaré street in Villa Soldati and gets out. He had just come from buying the newspaper. He does everything calmly. He has no idea what is about to happen. A burly man approaches and, without a word, pulls out a pistol and shoots him in the face. The murderer turns around and retraces his steps until he gets into a car and disappears.

Calabretta is not even dying, he dies instantly.

This sequence was recorded on a security camera video that infobae shown exclusively in this note, and it was the initial kick of the investigation into the murder of Calabretta. Justice, with Prosecutor Marcelo Roma at the head they search, tirelessly, for a month, for the murderer.

In addition, investigators are trying to find out the motives for the homicide. There are two hypotheses. That the murderer is a creditor of the retiree, who still manages his business of buying and selling printing machines and had debts with several people, or that, on the contrary, he is a sicario hired by someone to kill The first hypothesis would be the strongest due to various indications that Justice has and are kept confidential.

The victim was retired but still in front of his business of buying and selling printing machinery

The City Police Homicide Division he did a painstaking job, based on the Digital Ring that reads patents, in order to establish dominance of the vehicle. “What was determined is that the vehicle did not have any type of impediment to circulate or a restraining order. It’s not a twin car either. That calls our attention, because these types of vehicles are often used for something like this, ”explain sources in the case.

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Justice also reconstructed the sequence prior to what is seen in the video. Calabretta He left his house around 5:15 in the morning to go buy the newspaper in his car, as he did every morning. The camera tracking she put together Policeman, shows that a vehicle follows the route of the future victim at a safe distance. It’s the murderer’s car. Then, the murder that was recorded in the images is triggered.

“Evidently the person who murdered him had done some prior intelligence work. That is why he knew that the victim was going to be on the street at that time. According to his family, he was a very methodical man and that he used to wake up early to go out and buy the newspaper”, explains a source from the investigation.

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The moment the killer shoots
The moment the killer shoots

Calabretta he lived alone in his house in Villa Soldati and was retired, although he continued to run his business purchase and sale of printing machines. It was his son Alejandro who told the press, and also the Justice, that his father received constant threats and requests to pay money that he supposedly owed.

“I had commercial differences with my old man. That’s why I walked away. One of the reasons I left was because I thought something like this could happen.because two months ago they threatened him on the phone,” said Alejandro.

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That morning of October 20, when the Body had been found, the police entered the retiree’s house where they found his cell phone. She had left him when he went out at dawn to buy the newspaper with his car. The son was the one who facilitated the investigation when he unlocked the device.

Although the phone was sent to the Airport Security Police For their detailed analysis, at first glance they observed that there were several messages and audios on the cell phone from people demanding money. In particular, they found a contact that was the most insistent and that, instead of being scheduled with a first and last name, was labeled as “The idiot”

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