News The video shows that a 2nd Iran missile is...

The video shows that a 2nd Iran missile is hitting a passenger jet


A newly disclosed surveillance video circulating on the social media appears to show two missiles emitting into the jet of Ukrainian passengers who fell out, killing all 176 people on board after resigning Tehran a week ago .

Peter Goelz, former managing director of the National Transport Safety Board, told the United States that it is possible to remove the plane first.

"It can be said that the result would not be different if the second shot was not fired by them," Goelz said. "The second shot of the kill shot was sent out."

The New York Times and Storyful confirmed the video, a social media company owned by The Wall Street Journal parent. The US TODAY did not truly confirm the authenticity of the video.

The video seems to show a missile blurry sent from a site near Imam Khomeini's International Airport and hit the plane, approaching the second. In flames, the plane turns back to the airport. It took minutes later, to ask only a village near the airport.

The video could explain why the transponder failed the plane before the crash.

Missile strike and plane crash in Iran: t This is how the horror began

US officials recognized the army as the Gauntlet, SA-15's surface-to-air missile system from Russia. Goelz said he was not surprised that it took two missiles to take the plane down.

"Usually, one missile designed to put down a fighter plane would not take down 737," said Goelz with the US on Saturday. "This wasn't a 'Top Gun', not a two-seater plane. I don't know whether the (737) pilots could make a safe landing, but they probably could control it slightly."

For three days, Iran's military refused claims that Ukraine Airlines International Airline 752 went down. Then, on Saturday, the military issued a statement stating that the plane was accidentally shot after it had been defined as a cruise missile "due to human error at the time of higher war threats."

The news sparked angry protests across the country, and news about the second missile could affect Iran because of the government's handling of the tragedy.

Fahim Masoud, the Middle East regional information manager for the WorldAware risk assessment firm, said the plane crash revealed the incompetence of the regime and its military forces. He also expressed concern of the government's major U. strike, he told the United States Monday.

"The second missile strike will undoubtedly stimulate the incident inside and outside Iran," said Masoud. "This event will interfere with the reign of Iran and Iran for years.

'The enemy we have right there!' Video videos show Iranian protesters fleeing from friction gas

Iranian Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani promised a thorough investigation. Most of the Iranian or Canadian passengers were, and representatives of those countries met with Ukrainian authorities Tuesday to share information on the crash. A number of catches were announced.

The tensions between the US and Iran have increased since President Donald Trump drew on an international agreement designed to contribute to Iran's nuclear objectives. The relationship grew even hotter after a drone strike of US in Iraq aimed at an Iranian monastery who had viewed much of the West as a terrorist.

Iran promised an answer, and days later, missiles that were cut into Iraqi military bases containing US soldiers. Sometimes later, a tragedy struck over Tehran.

"Investigation of the terrible disaster should be carried out, and those responsible for this undeveloped mistake are sure to be recognized and prosecuted," Rouhani said.

I wanted that I was on that plane: Iran's general apology apologizes

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