The Facebook page of the Honduran Lety Rodríguez He collapsed in comments due to an image uploaded to his main profile where he was beheaded, a situation that caused horror and outrage last Thursday, February 7.

His friends read comments like "It's Lety? ","I can not believe it","Poor Lety only came to the US to meet her children", comments that flooded the publication of the photo where she lay dead, same that could be raised by her boyfriend also Honduran Nahun Rodriguez.

The Dantesque fact provoked indignation among the Facebook users, and it was the same social network that censored the image of the murder of the Honduran woman.

It is assumed that Nahun Rodriguez could enter the account of his girlfriend Lety and after committing the horrific crime hung the evidence of his murder as a scene taken from a movie of psychological thriller.

The reason why Facebook censored and removed the photo of Lety beheaded is that said social network applied the community rules in the subsection of "Unacceptable content"in its section Violence and graphic content.

Memorial for Lety

Lety's Facebook page now appears as a "In memory of", option that makes the social network to learn that the owner of a page has died.

Boyfriend killed by police

Nahún Rodríguez the murderer of Lety Rodríguez was shot by the Seattle police after a few minutes of tension. The cops revealed the video and are now being questioned for shooting at the Honduran, but they argue self-defense because Rodríguez had the knife that killed Lety Rodríguez in his hands.



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