The viral tweet that became a tractor for the most famous farmer from Cordoba on Twitter

All started when Tom Rohde (@Tomy_Rohde), un resident farmer in Charlottewith irish spirit and turned into a tweeter for making this platform the best showcase for bring the field closer to the young, started complaining that they always deny him the subsidies to be able to buy a new tractor to help you in your work.

In the face of your complaints, Jameson, the brand of Irish whiskey of which Tom is an unconditional fan and with whom he already had a good vibe on Twitter, entered the scene and offered to give him a new tractor if the original tweet reached 10,000 likes. Within a few hours, more than 32,000 followers from the Cordovan’s Twitter account mobilized to achieve it.

Said and done: a few hours later, Jameson’s challenge had gone viral, far exceeding 10,000 likes. And that’s how, to fulfill that commitment, Jameson will meet with Tom next Monday, and will hand over the keys to the vehicle that he is going to put to such good use..

And it is that, as the motto of the Irish brand says, things must be done by law, and “sine metu”. Come on, without fear and with all the consequences. Something that Cecilia González Cubillo, Brand Manager of Jameson reaffirms in her statement: “At Jameson we take everything but seriously. It is our personality and it is in our Irish DNA. We have always lived without fear of anything…although I never imagined that we would go out and buy a tractor!”

And as Tom himself has commented on twitter, “the whole town knows about it” and other things like “ordering coffee at the usual bar and being asked, do you already have the tractor?” so that #ElTractorDeJamesonParaTom has come true. A good example that good humor on social networks, and above all taking things less seriously, is what makes them really worthwhile.