The vision is clear.. Jeddah is not – Saudi news

Cosmetic surgeries are waiting for the bride of the Red Sea, who is currently preparing for an unprecedented development and renaissance, by removing the old random and ending the deformities of more than 32 random neighborhoods extending over an area of ​​more than 214 million square meters, many of them without legal instruments.

On the ground, cleaning and removal operations began amid a welcome from specialists in development, engineering and development work, as well as the cooperation of a number of residents and neighborhood mayors who bless changing the features of some of Jeddah’s spontaneous neighborhoods into a modern city.

While the demolition work has so far included parts of the Karantina, Petromin, Al-Qurayyat, Ghalil, and Al-Tha’albah neighborhoods, and parts of the Nazla Al-Yamaniya 1, 2, 3, Mada’in Al-Fahd, Al-Sabil, Al-Hindawiya, and parts of Al-Balad, Al-Amariya, Al-Sahifa, and Al-Kandara neighborhoods. Al-Thaghr and Al-Baghdadi Al-Sharqiya, the Jeddah Municipality, in cooperation with the General Authority for State Real Estate, announced the receipt of requests for compensation for the removal of slums through the digital portal of the Secretariat, without the need to review the headquarters of the committee, which will continue to receive requests at its field headquarters.

The Jeddah Municipality explained that compensation for lands owned by legal instruments will be for land and rubble, and for lands not owned by legal instruments, it will be for rubble.

According to the spokesperson for the Jeddah Municipality, Muhammad Al-Baqmi, receiving compensation requests digitally comes in order to facilitate procedures for the owners, and that the Secretariat began receiving requests from yesterday (Sunday) January 30, 2022. He indicated that requests for compensation require a copy of the deed or document, data The owner, a copy of the owner’s national identity, a copy of the agent’s national identity and a copy of the legal agency, a clear photograph of the entire building if any, a copy of the electricity bill if any, the building’s documentation number and an aerial photo of the site if any.

Mayor of Ruwais: An important step to correct violations

The mayor of Al-Ruwais neighborhood, Talal Al Amr, considered the slum development project in Jeddah an important development plan, through which it corrects various violations and accumulations between neighborhoods and their adjacent homes. Multiple areas, including the waterfront with a water strip of 9.5 km in length, and containing a marina with international specifications prepared to receive yachts from inside and outside the Kingdom, and a sandy beach with a length of 2.1 km. Green spaces, open spaces and public services will constitute 40% of the project area.

For his part, tourism expert Ahmed Al-Zahrani explains that demolition is the first step for the development of Jeddah, which restores and develops its economic and tourism value. A strategy, which puts it on the list of major future projects after the completion of the infrastructure development, which is expected to restore and paint Jeddah’s splendor and freshness and increase its attractiveness to investors and those looking for job and living opportunities, in light of the availability of an attractive and civilized environment with a quality of life, and these results are undoubtedly expected after the launch Development projects and the completion of their facilities and integrated services, as well as towers, commercial complexes, hotels, quality accommodation centers, and tourist, recreational and sports areas.

In the midst of the “Bride” .. an urban carnival

According to the general plan and the main features of the “Central Jeddah” project, launched by the Crown Prince, with a total investment of 75 billion riyals, allocated to develop 5.7 million square meters, financed by the Public Investment Fund and investors from inside and outside Saudi Arabia. The Crown Prince aims to develop all regions and cities of the Kingdom, and in line with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, as the project aims to create a global destination in the heart of Jeddah with direct views of the Red Sea, which contributes to enhancing the economic position of the city of Jeddah.

The “Downtown Jeddah” project aims to achieve an added value to the Kingdom’s economy by 47 billion riyals by 2030. The project will include four major international landmarks: an opera house, a museum, a sports stadium, ocean basins and coral farms, in addition to 10 recreational and tourism projects. The operational work of the project will contribute to opening the way for the local private sector to participate in the development and operation of promising economic sectors “tourist, sports, cultural, entertainment” with international standards, in addition to other sectors that include the construction and development of modern residential areas comprising 17,000 housing units with various hotel projects. The project will include a world-class marina and stunning beach resorts, in addition to a wide range of luxury local and international hotels, restaurants and cafes, and various shopping options. The project aims to provide integrated solutions for the business sector.

Modern designs have been adopted with international standards for the project, taking care to apply the elements and components of the urban fabric inspired by the original Hijazi architecture arts and taking into account the application of the latest international technologies, so that it becomes a “smart destination” that relies on innovative technologies, in addition to adopting the use of the best sustainability techniques, including renewable energy. It will contribute to supporting environmental sustainability in line with the objectives of the Green Saudi Initiative.

500 engineers participated in the design of Jeddah

More than 500 engineers and consultants participated in the design of the master plan, representing five of the world’s best expertise houses. The project contributes to achieving the objectives of Vision 2030, which aims to build a prosperous economy and a vibrant society while providing the best lifestyle for residents and visitors, as the “Jeddah Downtown” project has multiple natural components, including the waterfront with a water strip of 9.5 km in length, and contains a marina with international specifications ready to receive Yachts from inside and outside the Kingdom, and a sandy beach with a length of 2.1 km. Green spaces, open spaces and public services will constitute 40% of the project area.