The Voice 2021 – Vianney: Nikos Aliagas gives his opinion on the new coach

For this season 10 of The Voice, TF1 viewers were entitled to a little change concerning the jury since Vianney made his arrival, thus joining Florent Pagny, Amel Bent and Marc Lavoine. And since the launch of the program a few weeks ago, Vianney has never stopped talking about him. Faced with the popularity of the singer, Pascal Nègre, who received Nikos Aliagas this Sunday, February 21 on RFM, wanted to know if “Vianney is the new face of the new generation” or if “he does not keep still?”. To which Nikos Aliagas replied: “Both! He doesn’t hold in place, he’s a jumping pea! He broke the chair two or three times, we had to stop filming. I think the problem of Vianney is that he does not know where to put his legs “.

“This kid is anything but fake”

Nikos Aliagas then gave his arrival on the new recruit of The Voice: “He’s loud this boy. He’s very intelligent, he feels everything and he speaks with the language of a kid his age. This boy is anything but fake. . It gives a freshness, because it redistributes the cards and gives a new dynamic between the coaches. Everything is redistributed in the game and it is interesting “. For his part, Vianney also wanted to react concerning his position in the famous red chair which continues to be talked about on social networks. In an interview with Télé Loisirs, the singer revealed that he cannot stay still since his childhood: “I have had this since I was little, since elementary school. I don’t like to sit still for too long . It’s like that. I like moving. In life, the same. It’s hyperactivity. Nothing else “.

By Alexia Felix


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