The Voice 2022 – Doryan Ben chante “I have nothing” de Whitney Houston (Demi-finale) – The Voice

Difficult week for Doryan Ben who suffered from laryngitis. Tonight, for his semi-final, Doryan Ben will sing a song by Diva Whitney Houston: “I have nothing”. Doryan Ben is a 26-year-old Parisian who has 2 loves in life: tattooing and music. After playing in musicals, he realizes that he has always sung under the mask of a character. By appearing on the stage of The Voice, he decided to bare himself and open his heart. During the blind auditions, he sang “Lost on you” from LP and capsized the heart of Amel Bent. During the battles, he had won his duel against Lisa on a title by The Weeknd: “Save your tears”. But it was from the Cross Battles that Doryan Ben revealed himself with a title by Michele Torr: “To make women cry”; then during the Super Cross Battles by eliminating Jade, one of the overpowering talents of Florent Pagny, with a completely revisited title: “over the rainbow” by Julie Garland. Tonight, for his semi-final, Doryan Ben chose a title from Diva Whitney Houston: “I have nothing”. EXCERPT The Voice, the semi-final, May 14, 2022