The Voice 2022, the semi-final: Amel Bent stunning after childbirth, in a tight dress

Singing star Amel Bent is one of the emblematic coaches of The Voice 2022. On TF1 this May 14, the singer put on the show as usual, while Alessandra Sublet replaced Nikos, suffering, at short notice. This is her first television appearance since giving birth last April, since this issue of TF1’s flagship program is live. Radiant, the interpreter of My philosophy is also a courageous woman, since she faces in parallel the incarceration of her companion Patrick Antonelli.

Molded in a short and slinky flesh-colored and sparkling dress, with a banana bun as a hairstyle, Amel Bent is more than in her element on the set of The Voice. Coach from her own not always tender point of view, she pushed her Talents to the maximum and tonight she says thank you to them. On the stage of The Voice, the singer is stunning when she performs with her Talents Vike – the winner of the battle -, Doryan and Mike when she revisits Prince’s cult hit, Kiss. A performance that thrilled the other coaches, Marc Lavoine, Vianney, Florent Pagny who is fighting against cancer and surprise coach Nolwenn Leroy.

At 36, Amel Bent is so comfortable in the spotlight, even her transparent stiletto heels don’t scare her. Swaying to Prince’s riffs, the singer is still just as flamboyant, even a month after giving birth. His passion for music and his involvement as a coach allow him to come back flamboyant during this live TF1. Nothing stops the French star that we discovered thanks to New star in 2004.

On April 4, 2022, she gave birth to her third child, a boy whose first name is kept secret and who joined her big sisters Sofia and Hana. The semi-final of The Voice is a moment of breathing for the one to whom we owe Do not hold back your tears. Indeed, this spring, she experienced the legal difficulties of the father of her three children but also the hospitalization of her newborn, due to acute bronchiolitis.