The Voice 7: Frédéric Longbois, crazy, makes the show at Disneyland!


Sunday, April 15, 2018, the finalists of The Voice 7 were gathered at Disneyland Paris. Among them, the flamboyant and very loquacious Frédéric Longbois, ” Long as long, wood as wood “, once again made the show!

After flying blind auditions , the final audition and duels, the 56-year-old Talent went to Marne-la-Vallée amusement park to support the association Everyone against cancer at the side of almost all sixteen finalists of the 2018 edition tele-hook.
Accomplice with the children of the association, Frédéric Longbois has multiplied autographs and selfies between two attractions. He also agreed to mention, at the microphone of , his attachment to the Disney universe. ” I love Snow White, Bambi and especially there is a film that has really marked me a lot, it’s Rox and Rouky! Because in the end, it’s a little sad. Rox and Rouky, they separate like that and we see Rox or Rouky crying and I was in tears in a state not possible. Then of course I love Aristocats, all that … You see, I’m talking about old movies because I’m old! “, he told us with a smile.
In the early afternoon, it was in the warm Lucky Nugget Saloon that he again demonstrated his talent by taking over Snipe of Chantal Goya . ” I see you as thousands of birds, beyond the borders which, at the end of their wings, touch the light. You are beautiful ! “, he told the children before singing the song that had opened the team’s doors to him Mika .
Following this generous parenthesis in the Disneyland Paris Park, Frédéric Longbois can now devote himself 100% to the rehearsals of the first live The Voice 7, scheduled for April 21, 2018. What will it sing live? Suspense …
The Voice 7 It’s every Saturday at 21h on TF1!


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